Berocca Performance is a unique combination of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium and zinc, which work to support your mental performance and physical energy throughout the day.

Berocca Performance may help:
    - Vitality and alertness
    - Physical energy and reduce tiredness
    - Supports mental and physical performance

Vegan, Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free

Each Effervescent tablet contains:
Vitamin B1: 15mg
Vitamin B2: 15mg
Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate): 25mg
Vitamin B6: 10mg
Biotin: 150mcg
Vitamin B12: 10mcg
Vitamin C: 500mg
Nicotinamide: 50mg
Folic Acid: 400mcg
Calcium: 100mg
Magnesium: 100mg
Zinc: 10mg

Recommended for adults 18 years and above.  1 tablet a day dissolved in a glass of water.

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