Live2Move w/ AlgaeCal®, Twin Pack (2x90 caps)

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Chronic Pain Solution

Singapore brand Live2Move is founded on the principle that chronic pain can be addressed and eliminated without an over-reliance on medication. Instead, our bodies can be supported with essential minerals and natural ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the management of pain and optimal functioning of our physical well-being.


AlgaeCal® is a unique plant-based calcium source, made from a South American Algae - Algas Calcareas

It is the only Algae Calcium in the world:
• With human clinicals showing greater effect on your bones than other forms tested
• Approved for sale in the USA with an FDA New Dietary Ingredient Number
• Certified organic calcium source
AlgaeCal® has been proven to effectively help stop bone loss within 6 months of use.
Symptoms resulting from bone loss may include receding gums, decreased grip strength, cramps, muscles aches and bone pain.
AlgaeCal® is the only calcium proven to help you increase your bone mass in a sustainable and healthy way. This can help to reduce your chances of osteopenia, osteoporosis and arthritis.
AlgaeCal® has extensive clinical trials that show that it can increase bone building cells more than 400% compared to other calcium products while significantly increasing bone mass density in 180 days. Many people, who have tried, reported better quality of life, increased mobility, and a significant improvement in joint and bone health.
AlgaeCal® is 100% natural.

Live2Move™ AlgaeCal® is formulated to suit the Singapore lifestyle.The calcium supplements meets the Health Science Authority's (HSA) guidelines and has been approved for sale for more than half a decade.
Every batch of Live2Move™ AlgaeCal® is inspected and tested by the science laboratory to ensure only the highest quality of AlgaeCal® is imported into Singapore
Many of the minerals naturally found in AlgaeCal® is important for bone and joint health:
- Boron
- Copper
- Manganese
- Nickel
- Phosphorous
- Potassium
- Silica
- Strontium
Packing size:
AlgaeCal®: 90 easy to swallow capsules

Calcium, Magnesium,Boron, Vitamin D3, Trace Minerals, Vitamin C

As dietary supplement, for bone defense or maintenance – take 3 caps daily.
For Bone development- take 2 caps each morning and night with meals.

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