NeoCell Super Collagen+C, 250 tabs

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For over two decades, our focus has stayed true: Collagen.

Each NeoCell product is designed specifically to support the Collagen systems in our bodies such as those that maintain vibrant youth, radiant beauty, and total body wellness.

Our Super CollagenTM line uses BioActive NeoCell CollagenTM Type 1&3. Collagen Type 1&3 is 90% of the body’s Collagen and is the main Collagen constituents in the skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. Super CollagenTM products provide a pure and potent dose of clinically tested, enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen.*

• Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles* • Clinically tested to increase skin hydration† • Supports bone & connective tissue health* • Strengthens hair & nails* • Glycine contributes to lean muscle* 

PER 6 Tablets:

6,000 MG BioActive NeoCell CollagenTM Type 1&3 per serving + Vitamin C

Take 6 tablets daily. For Maximum absorption, take on an empty stomach.

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