Novomel Wooden Honey Stick

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Total length: 13.9cm (5.5inches)
Length of handle: 10.4cm (4 inches)
Width of dipper: 2.5cm (1 inch)

This quality assured and environmentally-friendly wooden honey stick, also known as a honey dipper, is specially crafted by Novo Mel, a producer of the highest quality honey from Brazil. This beautiful honey stick is durable and easy to use.

The major advantage of using this honey stick (over a spoon) to 'scoop' honey is that honey is less likely to drip from this stick than from a spoon, saving you the trouble of cleaning up a mess every time you decide to savour some honey. The grooves on a honey dipper allow honey to wrap neatly over the dipper as you twirl, while the high surface tension of honey causes honey to be pulled into the grooves when the dipper is vertical, minimizing drips.

Another advantage is that this honey stick is made of environmentally-friendly and durable wood, compared to plastic or metal spoons which, although may not be visible to the naked eye, actually degrade in honey and over time. These degradations may sometimes cause a change in the colour of honey or leave a metallic taste in the case of metal. Wood, on the other hand, is porous and will not alter the taste of honey nor harm it chemically and of course, lasts longer.

You can conveniently use the honey stick to twirl honey from a jar and savour the goodness of honey, as a trusty stirrer or to accessorize your dining tables and jars.

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