Omical Real Organic Milk Calcium 60s, Pack of 2

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Each Omical tablet contains 250mg of calcium with added Vitamin D3 to help the body absorb the calcium better. Depending on your daily recommended calcium intake, you can easily meet the recommended amount with Omical. Calcium is better absorbed when taken in small amounts throughout the day, hence, taking 2 Omical tablets at a go is ideal.

Omical does not contain Calcium Carbonate, which may be sourced from non-food sources, such as rocks and shells. Omical is also free from toxic metals, such as arsenic, lead and mercury, making us the choice calcium supplements for you and your family. MAHP1800001

Per 2 tablets:
Vitamin D3 200IU
Calcium 500mg (from milk)
Phosphorus 270mg (from milk)
Magnesium 25mg (from milk)
Sodium 15mg
Potassium 20mg (from milk)
Acacia gum
Magnesium stearate

- Intake is not dependent on food, can be taken any time of the day

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