Sale Shape Tea 3g x 25 packets, Pack of 3

Shape Tea 3g x 25 packets, Pack of 3

13% discount
25% discount


Get in Shape the Natural Way with Shape Tea!

Shape-Tea is a unique US formulation of a 100% herbal blend, with 3 main active ingredients, working together to effectively help you keep slim and shapely.

Shape-Tea is 100% Herbal and safe for long-term consumption without adverse effects.

Key Ingredients:

Garcinia Cambogia
- Inhibits production and storage of body fat
- Increase metabolic rate
- Helps body to burn fat faster and more easily
- Reduces cravings for sweets
- Help body preserve lean body mass

- Detoxifies
- Excess food is eliminated easily
- Assist in quick elimination of body fats
- Elimination process does not allow fats to accumulate and be stored in the body
- Aids digestion

Chrysenthemum Flower
- Traditionally used by Chinese as a "cooling" herb with mild and pleasant taste

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