Sale VitaHealth Red Yeast Rice w/ Plant Sterols, 60 Tabs, Pack of 2

VitaHealth Red Yeast Rice w/ Plant Sterols, 60 Tabs, Pack of 2

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EXPIRY: SEP 2022 VitaHealth understands that looking good and feeling great are priorities, which makes us passionate about helping you vitalise and transform yourself in a way that works for you.

All our products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities with the highest standards in quality to ensure pure and effective products that meet the regulatory standards across the different markets in the region. They are backed by scientific expertise and 70 years of international experience in nutritional health.

Red Yeast Rice + Plant Sterols is a heart health supplement is a heart health supplement scientifically formulated to support good blood lipids health.

Red Yeast Rice has been part of the Chinese diet for centuries and its uses in traditional Chinese Medicine dated back to the Ming dynasty. Red Yeast Rice is produced by fermenting Red Yeast over rice. Research has shown that Red Yeast Rice contains a group of active substances known as monacolins which helps support healthy cholesterol level.

Also known as phytosterols, Plant Sterols are naturally present in all plant foods which have been shown to be vitally important for maintenance of healthy cardiovascular system when consumed as part of the healthy diet.

VitaHealth Red Yeast Rice + Plant Sterols is also fortified with Vitamin B3 helps promote blood circulation and good heart health.

Every 2 tablets contain Red Yeast Rice (Monascus Purpureus) 800mg, Plant Sterols 240mg and Vitamin B3 12mg.

Take 1-2 tablets daily, preferably with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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